Orange County Superior Court Information

Orange County Superior Court Tips and Information.
Presented by Morris & Stone, LLP.

We see many attorneys and self-represented parties make the same mistakes over and over in Orange County Superior Court.  Southern California's premier litigation firm, Morris & Stone, LLP, offers this site to assist all parties and counsel who appear before the Orange County Superior Court.

Of course, if you find yourself in the Orange County Superior Court and don't want to go it alone or with other counsel, and assuming you are on the side of justice, we would be happy to represent you.  Call (714) 954-0700 for a no-cost telephone consultation.  To reach the Orange County Superior Court main information line, call (714) 449-8100.

In any event, be sure to review the tips and information presented here to make sure you and/or your attorney do not make any of the mistakes common to Orange County Superior Court.  Click the "
Tips and Info" button above for information you can use when prosecuting or defending a civil litigation matter in Orange County Superior Court.  To view our firm's website, go to Orange County Trial Attorneys.

Good luck with your case.

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